Series 2000 gaskets installation



1. Remove old gasket and thoroughly clean the surface on boiler/ring and cover plate. Wire brushing may be required.


2. Place Topog-E® Series 2000 Gasket on cover plate. Ensure the gasket is pushed down flat on the plate. Do not use any grease or lubricant. A spray adhesive such as 3M-Super 77 may be lightly applied to 2-4 equally-spaced areas on the sealing surface of the handhole or manhole plate prior to placing gasket on to help hold the gasket in place.


3. After cover plate is in the boiler and the gasket is in place, make one last cleaning swipe on the mating surface in the boiler. Use a clean rag wrapped around your finger.


4. Set crab, then center plate in opening and tighten nut / nuts enough to give a snug fit. Handhole torque:  90-120 ft. lbs. Manway torque: torque to 210 ft. lbs. (alternate between crabs 70 – 140 – 210 ft. lbs. 

Note:  lubricating bolts is recommended).


Note: Should gasket leak while pressure is building up, tighten only enough to stop leakage.


As pressure builds the bolt and crab may loosen. It takes time for the gasket to reach its final compression, so the operator should watch this for several days and keep the nut / nuts tight until it no longer loosens. This is especially true if the boiler thermal cycles.



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