Here are some unsolicited comments sent to us by Topog-E® Gasket customers:


They are the best gaskets I have ever used - snug, tight and no leaks. Hospital


Gee! My boiler sure loves your gaskets. It never leaks a drop and they are very easy to put on. I heartily recommend them to every boiler. Dry Cleaners


Of all the gaskets I have used these are definitely the best. Apparel Company


I've tried many other gaksets on our boilers before with little success. The gaskets on my boiler now are Topog-E® and they have not leaked yet. I think you have my business. Dry Cleaners


These gaskets gave perfect results on a mighty tough test installation. I will certainly recommend them every chance I get. Water Conditioning Service


We want to say that your product is the greatest thing that ever happened to boilers.

Laundry Co.


In my 35 years working with boilers this is the best gasket I have ever used. Cleaners


Thank you for the speedy delivery of gaskets I ordered. Now that I know how quick and easy it is to replace your gaskets I'll never use fiber gaskets again. Where I had trouble with boiler compound seeping through, it is now gone. Thank you. Laundry


They are the only gaskets, never any trouble. I change every year when I clean the boiler just to play safe. Dry Cleaners


Just a few lines to say that your gaskets have saved me much work at inspection time.

The handholes are just as clean as the year before the inspection. Dry Cleaners


I have been working on and servicing steam boilers since 1918 and am still active in same. I can truthfully say if I could have had this gasket I could have saved my customers thousands of dollars and untold shut downs. Plumbing & Heating


I am very pleased with your gaskets and they have saved me many hours of work and worry as they really seal my old boiler, especially after boiler inspections when I have to open up everything. Dry Cleaners


I have had great success with your gasket and I plan to continue with same. Hospital


Topog-E® Gaskets are the best in my opinion - no one makes a better gasket. They save life on equipment and save money in the long run by not having to shut down or go through a number of gasket change outs in a single year. I recommend them to other supervisors and workers in other regions. Naval Station


Engineeer 4

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